Therapy usually begins with weekly sessions.  This is to develop rapport and to achieve some progress in the therapeutic process.  Once goals are being met and growth is being made, sessions become less frequent.  A frequently asked question is how long will therapy last?  There is no absolute answer for that.  It depends on the client's willingness for growth, how well they trust the process, and how much they want to learn about themselves.


Child & Adolescent Therapy & Assessments

My professional career began with seeing children and adolescents in their foster homes.  Currently I continue to see children and adolescents, with a wide variety of difficulties.  The youngest I see clients is 4 years old.  

During the first appointment (initial assessment) with a child or adolescent, I like to meet with both the child/adolescent and parent.  I gather information about the child/adolescent's history, family history, and current circumstances.  There will be times where it is most appropriate to speak with the parents during the first session without the child/adolescent.  During these circumstances, there is an exchange of information where the child/adolescent should not be present.  This is a great discussion to have during the initial phone call to set up the appointment. 

For most of the 45 or 52 minute sessions, I am seeing the child/adolescent one on one.  Often I will meet with the parent(s) before I begin the session for updates.  There may be times that I ask for the parent(s) join the session.  This is typical when there is vital information to share and/or for growth of the family dynamics and relationships.  Art and play are often used in therapy as therapeutic tools and for establishing rapport.  This is the natural language of children, art and play.

Therapy also may involve working with the parent(s) of the child or adolescent.  This is not unusual and a service that I typically provide.  I often find that in helping the child or adolescent grow, it is needed to work with the parent(s) as well.  Sometimes it is to give the parent(s) insight to what the child/adolescent is experiencing in their world.  Sometimes it is to give insight to the parent(s) on what they could do differently to help their relationship with the child/adolescent.


Adult Therapy & Assessments

During the first appointment (initial assessment),  I am gathering a information about the current problem that is bringing them into therapy, their family history, and touching on all aspects of their life.  Getting to know the client thoroughly helps establish treatment goals and the path for therapy.


Couples Counseling and Drug/Alcohol Treatment

I do not provide services to couples for counseling, nor am I certified in drug and alcohol counseling.  If these issues arise during your treatment I will refer you to an individual that does specialize in these areas.  This referral may be in conjunction to the service that I am providing.


Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by PeopleImages/iStock / Getty Images