I recently attended a training in the beautiful mountains of Sedona.  It was the perfect setting for the most perfect and awakening training on grief.  Part of what was discussed and emphasized was the process of being mindful.  This includes MindFul Speech.  I recently experienced in my own grief, the traumatic and sudden passing of a parent, and the the lack of MindFul Speech thereafter.  I am in the business of helping others, being humanistic, and working with others that are suppose to have the same intention.  This experience of UNmindful speech became prominent with those that surround me in this humanistic field.  I quickly learned the cruel and painful experience of those being UNmindful.  And I know that I am not alone, there are many others working through their traumatic grief that feel the same experience.  In my work to be MindFUl with my clients, I need to practice it with myself, in my everyday life.  During my training on traumatic grief in Sedona, we talked about ways to become more MindFul.  Dr. Cacciatore kept talking about her love of barefoot hiking in the mountains.  Slowly more and more over the 4 days, others talked about how they also tried barefoot hiking.  I was really unsure of this idea. I have a crazy sensory aversion to my feet being dirty, it is one of the worst feelings in the world for me.  And I am not I am not very brave with surfaces that hurt my feet.  That last evening in Sedona, I went hiking with a long lost classmate from graduate school.  I was quite unsure how this hike was going to go in my flip-flops.  And it was my bare feet that carried me that evening.  I experienced the art of barefoot hiking, honing in on my MindFulness, and getting dirty with the red dirt of Sedona.  There was also recognition of needing to get through the painful times, feeling those painful times, to get to the other side of pain...love.

Kristin Sellke