Every once in awhile, a child receives a blessing of getting a forever home.  And every once in awhile, the parents dream of receiving the gift of a child doesn't flourish to what they hoped it to be.  

I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Daniel Hughes for a one week training exploring the process of attaching the child and parent.  This is not the only practice to foster attachment and bonding, but one option.  For those families interested in understanding and participating in this intense therapy with you child, click here to read more about it. Recently I also completed the year long training with C.A.S.E.  The purpose of this training was to educate providers like myself on the specific needs in working with adoptees and their families.  This is also to pass along to the families and adoptees the education for growth and understanding of their unique family life.

 Reading resources for parents:

Parenting from the Inside Out - Dan Siegel

Attachment Focused Pareting - Dan Hughes

Building the Bonds of Attachment - Dan Hughes

I Love You Rituals - Becky A. Bailey

Playful Parenting - Lawrence J. Cohen

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew - Sherrie Eldridge

Brainstorm - Daniel Siegel

The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children - Shefali Tsabary


 My newest adoption, Oliver

My newest adoption, Oliver